To ensure your case is always looking on point, we have a few easy tips to follow! Since our Hiipsy cases are specialized and made just for you, we highly recommend you care for it like you would your favorite piece of jewelry or purse. Our case is made with high quality genuine pebbled leather to deliver that luxurious feel, and with that said our case is not meant for rugged use

  • Avoid rubbing your case against any dark materials/surfaces which can rub onto your case. 
  • Avoid rubbing your case against any rough surfaces to reduce scratching. This will also help preserve the life of your letters. Our letters are like jewelry so we recommend treating them like your favorite piece of jewelry! 
  • Protect your case from humidity and high temperatures, and avoid harsh chemicals or extended periods in direct sunlight. This can cause overall wear. 
  • If any marking appears, simply take a soft damp cloth and dab it until cleaned, then dry it right after. 

Our Hiipsy case will have normal wear and tear over time, but trying your best to follow these tips will help preserve the look longer. Please treat your case with the same care and love as we did when we created it.